Episode 73 “Home Alone 3”

July is coming to an end so there is only one way to celebrate and that is of course watching another movie in the Home Alone Saga.  Talking points include, our script for a Home Alone/Saw Mash-up/Reboot, if the Home Alone 1 and 2 movies exist in this universe, and fake buzz’s weird masturbation habits.  Stick around to the end as we discuss Americas thoughts on Owen Wilson

Episode 72 “3rd Rock From the Sun”

After a week off we are back with the Christmas spirit following.  We dive back into the past to check out 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Talking points include, tons and tons of dick jokes, dick getting hit on, and dick loving Christmas, hating Christmas, and then loving it again! Stick around to the end as we check back in on Papa John

Pizza Quest #4: What do Colonel Sanders and Papa John have in common? Doubling down on racism.

Kyle is off on a workation this week so we interrupt your regularly scheduled Christmas in July spectacular with a timely episode of Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice. This week we dive into the Papa John’s story. Will racism sour our pizza experience? Tune into to find out. Topics of discussion include: changing cultures, being annoyed by constant sales, and pizza chains proving libertarians correct.


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Episode 71 “Buffy”

Nothing says Christmas quite like slaying vampires am I right?  Talking points include, creepy old dudes, why exactly did no one get slayed, and why in the world was this show so popular.  Stick around as always to get some knowledge from last week.

Episode 70 “Monk”

It’s that festive time of the year again, our 2nd annual Christmas in July Spectacular!!  Join us this week as we go way back in time to the year 2006 to one very OCD detective Monk.  Talking points include, finally remembering 90% of the casts names, flawless murder plans, and if it can really snow in San Fran (spoiler it can’t).  

Worst Shows

RankingShow Name NetworkEpisode
1 Scorpion CBS16/40
3Macgyver (Reboot)CBS12
4The MessengersCW31