Pizza Quest #6: It’s not delivery and no one thought it was. It’s Digiorno.

This week we take a break from chains and head to the frozen aisle to try Digiorno stuffed crust pizza. Spoiler alert: We hate it. The only question is how low can the ratings possibly go? We also question if stuffed crust pizza is ever good. Other topics of discussion include: hatred of US labeling laws, the awful slogan of Digiorno, and we settle the debate of pineapple on pizza.

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Episode 80 “Family Ties”

Well it only took 80 episode, but it finally happened….. just what is it you ask, you’ll have to listen to find out.  Talking points include, drunk and charming Tom Hanks, being disappointed Urkel didn’t show up, and just how much more generic can you get.  

Episode 79 “Cheers”

Episode 2 of 80’s month and we finally learn everyone’s name, well okay one character, but it’s a start!  Talking points include, just how ugly is Geno,  Kyle hating on Boston, and how good Ted Danson looks.  Stick around to the end as Thomas fills us in on a question from last week

Episode 78 “M*A*S*H”

Join us as we travel back to the 80’s all month and start off with the Army “Comedy” that is M*A*S*H.  Talking points include, finding humor that’s to dark even for us, Kyle pretends he’s a doctor, and how the ending just doesn’t hit home.

Worst Shows

RankingShow Name NetworkEpisode
1 Scorpion CBS16/40
3Macgyver (Reboot)CBS12
4The MessengersCW31