Episode 54 “Living Biblically, Superior Donuts”

After yet another illness we’re back, and coming in hot with a supersized show!  Talking points include, horrible characters, bad premises’, and racism written by baby boomers.  We would dive back to last week to answer a question, but there was no last week!

Episode 53 “Black Lightning”

Listen in as we try the Super Hero genre again, and spoiler alert, we like it about as much as last time.  Talking points include how awesome is two bitz, why does he need a suit, and how dumb is the bad guys plan.  Stick around to the end to find out some answers to last weeks questions

Episode 52 “Altered Carbon”

We’re back, the flu can’t keep us away forever, and we’re coming back strong this week.  Listen in as we discuss why flying cars still need drivers, how drugs are still sketchy, and exactly what year this show takes place.  We dive back two weeks to answer some unanswered questions.

Episode 51 “9-1-1”

This week we checked out FOX’s new police drama 9-1-1.  We discuss fear of roller coasters, crazy age differences, and who exactly are the paramedics. As always stick around to the end for some unanswered questions from last week.

Episode 50 “LA to Vegas”

We are flying high this week on our trip to Vegas, well at least watching someone take a trip to Vegas.  Topics of discussion include, sweet Muay Thai moves, gross airplane bathrooms, and where this show might go.   Stick around as always we answer some questions about our boy Mark F.

Episode 49 “9JKL”

Welcome to week two of Salons worst TV of 2017, and guess what, they got it right again this time.  Talking point include, pronouncing Mark’s last name, what has Mark been up to, and is this just his real life?  We check in to our “favorite” show from last week as Thomas fills us in with an answer.

Episode 48 “Disjointed”

This one is bad, like really really bad.  I don’t even wait to type anymore, so just listen

Episode 47 “Home Alone 2”

Its Christmas time so we are stepping away from the TV and instead watching one of the all time great Christmas movies of all, Home Alone 2.  Talking points for this one include, horrible hotel staff, creepy pigeon lady, and how this could really be a prequel to Saw.  Stick around to the end as we answer some questions from last week.

Episode 46 “Godless”

Well I’m not sure what to even put here as that’s how we both felt after 45 mins of this show.  We touch on, a city of all women, shooting men but then banging them, and the dead arm.  Oh yeah and we dropped some pretty big Star Wars spoilers to break the internet (no we didn’t)

Episode 45 “How to Get Away with Murder”

Well now that our google history has us on a list somewhere from looking up this show we can bring it to you.  Talking points include, entire teams of scumbags, the weird guy in the middle, and how everyone on the “legal” team has committed federal offenses.  We dive back to last week with an unanswered question! 

Worst Shows

RankingShow Name NetworkEpisode
1 Scorpion CBS16/40
3Macgyver (Reboot)CBS12
4The MessengersCW31